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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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III.    REEON§LlO^Piil^-(COnt1nUed)

H will  examine entry and exit

-ISSW—^"^ °««10"'r"r-;

iai Research is validating the
..The National Cente^for^BiJingua.^ Instrument> an instrument

VII   programs    which   serve

* *a nf the-art   of  education  technologies
-COMSIS1S   reviewing the state-of-tnn   ^.^   L£p   students    in

implemented in   programs    «f   ins*1
Ba?1c and Demonstration projects.

the needs   of   and  services

is   supplementing the


contacts for c»ri-.h«tp Information

Program Operations:    Rudy Cordova   (202) W-WI9 [g£^*£$™ program)
program Studies:         S2rtBSton-fl,1. (202) 245-9401

PI     98-511    (October   19,   1984),

..' '

2. ,.«,*. w -in-

.i                                     the


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